Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Tester's Commitment

James Bach has a good post on what testers commit to

Here's an excerpt:

  • I provide a service. You are an important client of that service. I am not satisfied unless you are satisfied.
  • I am not the gatekeeper of quality. I don’t “own” quality. Shipping a good product is a goal shared by all of us.
  • I will test your code as soon as I can after you deliver it to me. I know that you need my test results quickly (especially for fixes and new features).
  • I will strive to test in a way that allows you to be fully productive. I will not be a bottleneck.
  • I’ll make every reasonable effort to test, even if I have only partial information about the product.
  • I will learn the product quickly, and make use of that knowledge to test more cleverly.
  • I will test important things first, and try to find important problems. (I will also report things you might consider unimportant, just in case they turn out to be important after all, but I will spend less time on those.)
  • I will strive to test in the interests of everyone whose opinions matter, including you, so that you can make better decisions about the product.
  • I will write clear, concise, thoughtful, and respectful problem reports. (I may make suggestions about design, but I will never presume to be the designer.)
  • I will let you know how I’m testing, and invite your comments. And I will confer with you about little things you can do to make the product much easier to test.
  • I invite your special requests, such as if you need me to spot check something for you, help you document something, or run a special kind of test.
  • I will not carelessly waste your time. Or if I do, I will learn from that mistake.
  • Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Bugs and Battleship

    I got this link from Peter Hall today, it's a great way to look at different ways we look for bugs.


    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    PCMM - Like CMM, but for people

    There is lots of evidence that one of the major contributors to a successful software project is the right people with the right skills being motivated to perform well.

    SEI has released (nearly 10 years ago) a method for managing this kind of management.

    Check it out!

    Tuesday, December 06, 2011

    QA Tester Position in Oklahoma

    This is a 6 month contract to hire opportunity. Looking for somebody to start December 12th but the earlier the better. They are definitely looking to bring somebody on full time. The first project is in Massachusetts and the individual will need to be on site the first 2 weeks. If the person is not in OKC they can work remotely from home and come to OKC once a week. If they are in OKC they will work in the office.

    ·         Test Designer with Keyword experience preferably someone with web interface experience.
    ·         DB queries would be a plus as would C#, .NET experience.
    ·         Automation testing is the biggest requirement
    ·         Will be using Selenium so if somebody has any experience with Selenium that would be a huge bonus!
    Contact Info:
    Taylor Brecher
    GDH Consulting, Inc.
    405-948-9022 Office
    405-290-7505 Fax
    972-839-1841 Mobile
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