Monday, June 21, 2010

Book Review - Little Brother

Well, it's not a book review in the truest sense. I've just gotten about a third of the way through "Little Brother" (free download) and I just had to post a review. You can read a summary from the website for the book.

Essentially, this is a fictional account based in many topics related to security (physical, computer, privacy, etc.) and a series of events that affect these. A seventeen year old boy and his friends are caught up in a terrorist plot by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What follows is a drastic shift in what various governments and other groups consider 'acceptable levels of monitoring' and what it means to those being monitored and those doing the monitoring.

What strikes me most is the main character's internal monologue on the effectiveness of different security measures. In some cases, they just make everyone feel more secure, but do little to address true risks. In other cases, the data gathered starts to be misused, prompting the question "Who is watching the watchers?".

This book is an easy and excellent read. It's entertaining and thought provoking. You may even learn a thing or two. I certainly am. The book can be purchased and it can also be downloaded in several electronic formats for free.

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