Tuesday, January 25, 2011

QA Achievement Levels

In my previous post, I pondered whether measuring skill through pre-defined Achievement Levels was a good idea or not. After deciding to have some fun with this. Here is my list of QA Achievement Levels that could be used on your team.

What would you add to the list?

Holistic Detective - You identify a test case that identifies in a major defect which requires no less than 80% of all current functionality to reproduce.
Sisiphus - You have run through the same test cases for the last ten releases with no new defects found.
Epic - the test cases you identified for a feature have an execution time measured in person-years.
Nailed It - A feature you tested has been in production for at least a year with no defects reported by the users.
Guru - You submitted a defect that was fixed and verified without the need for any clarification by the developer.
Borg - More than half the defects you report are as a result of automated tests you have written or automated testing tools you have used.
Cassandra - You have correctly identified the modules that will cause the biggest support headaches when released and nobody believed you.
Dead Parrot - You have an extremely difficult time convincing the developer that their ‘fix’ does not, in fact, fix the issue. After several hours of showing all the ways that the issue still exists, you are offered a slug.
Jar Jar - Every bug you submit requires clarification. For this, you are made team lead.

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