Monday, July 18, 2011


Thanks to my friend Frank, I was able to get to read up in Wired on how Stuxnet was reverse-engineered and what was found when they did so.

Be ready to spend some time reading, it's not short, but it's engaging the whole way.


SheyMouse said...

Wow. Just incredible. I'm reeling from reading that.

I would love to know who coded that. He/she/they are geniuses.

One other thought is that it may not be US or Israel. It could be an extremest environmentalist group. Some of them could be funded well enough for that many zero-days

not-bob said...

From all accounts, this was a highly-organized and focused effort.

There are lots of theories about who did this and why. I hadn't thought about the 'environmentalist' angle, but that may be as likely as any other.

I'm glad you found this useful.