Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Test Case Management Software - A look at RTH, TestLink, Testopia

In looking for an alternative to a commercial application, I've been looking at open source alternative for test case management software.

The documentation for this product is incomplete and the user experience is not great. It appears to work as expected but it’s not always clear what to expect. If this were to be ranked agains Testopia, it would need additional evaluation to rank them, but it does not appear to be as complete as the TestLink option. There was some tweaking needed to get everythign installed.

TestLinkThis system has relatively good built-in reports and access to data. This system would best be used by those that would use it on a daily basis and is not suitable for occasional users because executing tests and reporting is not very usable. Integration with external bug tracking system requires additional tools to be built or purchased. Overall, this seems to fit our needs best, given our constraints.

While test result tracking 'in flight' is easy to track, test results tracking and anaysis over time will likely require customized reports and possibly customized code. This system would best be used by those that would use it on a daily basis and is not suitable for occasional users because executing tests and reporting is not very usable (or would require lots of customization that may not be supported when upgraded). In some cases, actions performed did not persist between sessions, so it has a sense of being unreliable. Installation was difficult.

 Others available, but not considered for my use
  • XQUAL - There is a free version that looks good, but since that free version is ad-based, it was not considered for our use.
  • Salome TMF -  - I was not able to get this running after mucking around with it for some time. I didn't go looking for assistance and it may work well, I just don't know.
  • Oracle Application Test Suite - This looked promising, but there is a license required, so it wasn't evaluated.
I could go on, but this is a good summary


halperinko said...

As a user of XQual's XStudio for last 2 years, I suggest you give it a shot.
The Ads are hardly noticed.
On the other hand, you get a very intuitive application, which supports full ALM features,
Integrates well with external BTS,
And controls most Automation environments.
The tool abilities are constantly improved with major release every 3-6months.
Very good support forum, and responsiveness to change requests (as opposed to some Opensource tools mentioned here)
What more could one ask from a free SW ?

Robert Watkins said...

Thanks for posting your experience!

I agree that the product has lots of great features, but the ad idea is really a show-stopper. I will not get any support to implement this in our environment.

I hope others will have an opportunity to check it out and put it through it's paces.

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Monojit Biswas said...
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