Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hold off taking "Software Testing" from Udacity

I was hoping to be able to recommend this course to others, but at this time I cannot. There is so much basic information lacking and and the exercises are vague and not based in the material being presented.

Here are some specific examples.

Equivalent tests. The lecture essentially said, 'equivalent tests are tests that test the same thing.' Something more along the lines of would have been appropriate.

Specifications. The lecture basically said, 'you won't often get specs, so you will have to build them'. That's a correct statement, but there is quite a bit to do to actually perform this successfully. Talking to people (other than the developer) is conspicuously absent from the discussion. There is a non-developer that often has an expectation of how something should work. A discussion of 'test oracles' would have been appropriate (see for an excellent read)

GUI testing. The lecture basically said,'try to randomly fire gui events'. Where is the discussion of modeling use cases as the start of test cases? Where is an attempt to understand the input/output of individual gui elements?

It's not so much that the content is wrong, but that there is no acknowledgement of the wide variety of approaches that are available to approach testing. I get the feeling that the authors of this course have spent the majority of their career in code and not in a manual testing role.

Anyone else have experience with this class?


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