Monday, May 18, 2009

Creating User Interfaces - Design Patterns

Do your users complain about your application, even though it gets the job done?
Are you asked to 'spice it up' or make it 'Web 2.0-ish'?

Well Design Patterns are for you! Here are some helpful links (though you can find your own easily) to inspire design of User Interfaces.
For example, lists these patterns among many.

Inline Input Adder
Minimize the amount of input fields by allowing the user to add more input fields if he needs them.
Give the user an option to easily undo an action.
Use a dynamic text editor to allow the user to edit text
directly “in-place”.
Primary & Secondary Actions
Match the visual presentation of actions to their importance to get users through a form as quickly as possible.
Inline Suggestions
Help the users to give an answer by suggesting valid answers from which to pick from.
Show thumbnail images of items on a scrolling menu, which allows users to browse through them.

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