Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free e-book (until May 27th) - Defect Prevention

A colleague of mine told me about this book. It is a free download (though requires a signup to Microsoft's training site). Here is an overview and link.

The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention
This practical, hands-on guide captures, categorizes, and builds a process of best practices to help avoid creating defects during the development process—rather than fixing them after extensive analysis.
Part I Introduction to Defect Prevention
1 Defect Prevention
2 Defect Prevention Frameworks
3 The Economics of Defect Prevention
Part II Defect Detection Techniques
4 Quality and the Development Process
5 Using Productivity Games to Prevent Defects
6 Improving the Testability of Software
Part III Defect Analysis Techniques
7 Software Measurement and Metrics
8 Risk Analysis
9 Using Simulation and Modeling for Organizational Innovation
10 Defect Taxonomies
11 Root Cause Analysis
Part IV Defect Prevention Techniques
12 Adopting Processes
13 FMEA, FTA, and Failure Modeling
14 Prevention Tab.
Part V A Culture of Prevention
15 Scenario Voting
16 Creating a Quality Culture
17 Moving Quality Upstream
18 Rewards, Motivation, and Incentives
19 Knowledge Management and Communication
20 Pulling It All Together

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